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Cellular Mobile Networks

Propagation, Coverage, Planning and Radio Resource Management optimization with both commercial and own developed tools from 2G to 4G standards as well as for Trunking systems: GSM/GPRS, UMTS, UTRAN/GERAN, TETRA, DVB-H, LTE and Advanced LTE.

Simulators, Emulators and Test beds going from physical layer, MAC/RLC, LLC, CrossLayer, RRM and End to End Quality of Service are available.

Cellular Mobile Networks


Digital Video Broadcasting

Propagation, network planning and deployment for new DVB standards and technologies (DVB-T2, DVB-H, DVB-SH and NGH) through the design of both physical layer and system level simulators.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

Design, development, performance evaluation, modelling and optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks for any application environment. In particular, we have deep experience in environment monitoring, WSNs for security support, WSNs for public transportation systems and WSN for green applications to reduce the carbon fingerprint. Development of applications using Bluetooth, Zigbee and RFID technologies for a wide range of applications in including medical, domotics and information systems.

Ejemplo de red de sensores inalámbricos (Wireless Sensor Network)


Cognitive Radio

Design and analysis of all the relevant aspects regarding the research on Cognitive Radio, as for example Spectrum Sensing Cognitive Radio, adaptive OFDMA, Spectrum Management, Spectrum Mobility. This topics are covered in our research lines for different wireless communications systems and frameworks. Research on efficient MAC protocols for such kind of systems.


Wireless Access Systems